Emmerdale viewers spot Tom King mistake as sinister Belle Dingle twist 'exposed'

Tom burned Belle's hand on Emmerdale
Emmerdale viewers spot Tom King mistake as sinister Belle Dingle twist 'exposed' -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale viewers were quick to spot Tom King’s mistake as his sinister plan was exposed. In a shock twist he decided to set up his wife Belle Dingle and she has no idea.

As viewers know Tom has been abusing his new wife and things turned physical he punched her in the stomach, leaving her with a nasty bruise.

Since then she has urged him to seek professional help in order to save their marriage. During tonight’s episode of the ITV hit soap Tom used Belle’s history of mental health issues and her schizophrenia against her.

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Tom made an appointment with Dr Liam and at first it appears as though he was opening up about his problems. Liam began to advise him that he would get the help he needs but in a dramatic U-turn Tom claimed he wasn't talking about himself but about Belle.

He made up stories about Belle, which left Liam concerned given Belle’s history and insisted that he wanted a mental health team to speak with her. Tom later returned home and lied to Belle about his appointment and she is yet to find out about what he told Liam.

It’s unknown what Liam will do with this information but viewers watching at home are convinced that Tom made a mistake lying to Liam as the message will get passed on to Cain. @lewis3_debra Tweeted: “Does Tom know that Liam and Cain are BFF? I'm sure Liam will ask about Belle's health...#emmerdale.”

@MeeshyJay commented: “I hope Cain is the one who finds out about T*** Tom #emmerdale.” @Rileymscott said: “patiently waiting for Liam will tell Cain about what Tom said.”

@pam_debeauvoir questioned: “So what exactly is Tom's end game? He married Belle so that he could mess with her mental health. He's cruel and psychotic #Emmerdale.”

@craggsy82 asked: “Wouldn't you like to see Belle, Dr Liam? You know, to assess.” While @Reeceyboy2591 added: “Liam believes anything he probably tell Chas on Thursday about Belle #Emmerdale.”

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