Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ Tom King’s downfall as he isolates Belle from Dingles

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Tom King’s downfall as he isolates Belle from Dingles -Credit:Twitter
Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Tom King’s downfall as he isolates Belle from Dingles -Credit:Twitter

Emmerdale viewers are convinced that Mandy Dingle will catch on to Tom King’s manipulative tactics as he continues to isolate Belle from the Dingles.

As fans know Tom has been eager to start trying to have a baby with wife Belle but she isn’t onboard with the idea due to her mental health.

During tonight’s episode of the ITV hit soap Belle attempted to share her concerns about her mental illness medication with Tom but he was more concentrated on finding possible baby names.

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Belle insisted that she wanted to talk to a nurse before getting pregnant but Tom claimed that she would be fine without seeking medical advice.

Tom burned Belle's hand on Emmerdale
Tom burned Belle's hand on Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

Later on Belle met Mandy In the cafe and it didn’t take long for her to question Belle if she was ready to have children yet as she had originally wanted to wait until she felt better. Belle claimed that she was fine and wanted to go ahead with trying for a baby.

Mandy felt like something was wrong so she voiced her concerns about Belle's change of heart to fiancé Paddy. Once Belle got back home Tom got annoyed when Belle shared Mandy’s opinion on their baby plans but attempting to stay in Tom’s good books she went on to say that her family should stop getting involved in their lives.

In the Woolpack, things took a turn for the worse as Belle lashed out at Mandy and told her to stay out of her life. As Belle stormed out, Tom made out that he was shocked at her outburst as he apologised to everyone.

Viewers watching at home thing Mandy will figure out Tom’s manipulative behaviour despite Belle sudden outburst. @Pinkladyxxxxx Tweeted: “#Emmerdale Mandy figures it out, and saves Belle from Twisted Tom.”

@MattZeeMiller wrote: “Come on Mandy dig deeper into this issue! Belle is so snappy then out of character! Alarm bells ringing again! #emmerdale.”

@teenamassam commented: “Ah, poor Mandy, Belle is slowly isolating herself #emmerdale.” @teenamassam said: “I wonder if Mandy has her suspicions about Tom #emmerdale.” While @Boppity_Boo34 added: “Should tell her Belle Mandy would knock Tom tit out #Emmerdale.”

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