Emmerdale's Angelica to spark further concern after death plot

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale teen Angelica King leaves her parents Nicola and Jimmy worried in Monday's episode (February 26) as she looks ahead to her imminent sentence.

Angelica is determined to look on the bright side as her family brace themselves for her to be sent to a Secure Children's Home next month.

The schoolgirl recently pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving following her involvement in the car crash that killed Heath Hope.

Angelica and her family know that she's certain to receive a custodial sentence, but they're hoping that it won't be for too long.

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In Monday's episode, Angelica remains enthusiastic over the Secure Children's Home after doing some research online.

Angelica is pleased that she'll be able to continue her studies in the SCH and she's also optimistic over the facilities on offer.

Although they're glad to see Angelica coping well, Nicola and Jimmy can't help worrying that they've left her unprepared for the ordeal ahead.

With Nicola and Jimmy well aware that life won't be easy for Angelica at the SCH, is it time for a more candid chat about what she'll have to face?

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The couple were first warned about the likelihood of a custodial sentence for Angelica at the end of last month.

A Youth Justice representative who oversaw Angelica's case later confirmed that she'd be recommending this as the most suitable punishment.

There was a ray of hope for the Kings when Heath's stepmum Brenda Walker offered to give a character reference in Angelica's favour, but she missed the deadline to submit it.

Angelica's sentencing date has been set for Wednesday, March 13.

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Nicola Wheeler, who plays Nicola King, recently said: "Ultimately Emmerdale is letting the audience know what the outcome has to be. There does have to be a custodial sentence and we know it's coming.

"We're not giving anything away there – I think everybody would know, as a death is involved. The question is just how long the custodial sentence will be. We know Angelica is going to be sent down, but for how long?"

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