Emmerdale's David clashes with Liam in return

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

David Metcalfe has clashed with Liam Cavanagh in his return to screens in Emmerdale.

Matthew Wolfenden has recently been off-screen, with it being explained that his character David was helping Leyla's sister Alicia Gallagher in Portugal after she'd had an accident.

David had been the first to find out Leyla was abusing drugs and returned to find out Leyla's husband Liam had kissed Bernice Blackstock behind her back.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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Leyla had moved in with David and Victoria during Thursday's (September 22) double bill, with Jacob explaining to David all about Liam's betrayal.

Liam had a heart-to-heart with Priya where she actually suggested his kiss with Bernice "kinda evened things out" after all of Leyla's recent lies because of her drug addiction.

David was much less forgiving when Liam confronted him, demanding to know where Leyla had gone after seeing her leaving the village in a cab.

When David explained Leyla had gone to stay with a sober mentor, Liam accused him of being "creepily indispensable" to half of the women in the village.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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"Liam, you messed up with your ex. You kissed Bernice and your wife's left," David shot back. "Don't blame me for that."

David walked off, leaving Liam stewing. A dejected Liam told Priya that Leyla must have felt like living across the road was "too close" so she clearly didn't want to hear from him.

"Liam, don't give up," Priya encouraged him.

Is Liam and Priya's marriage really over?

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