Emmerdale's Eric Pollard shares a worrying theory over Rishi Sharma's death

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Eric Pollard has shared a worrying theory over Rishi Sharma's death in Emmerdale.

Eric has run afoul of Rishi's brother Amit Sharma, after the latter tried to con Eric with a dodgy business deal. Once he discovered the scam, Eric started to wonder if Amit has other dark secrets.

Wednesday's (March 26) episode saw Eric confide in Vinny Dingle about his theories that Rishi's death may not have been an accident, as it originally seemed.

Jai and Suni Sharma know that Amit was at Holdgate Farm on the day Rishi suppopsedly fell to his death, though Amit has managed to convince them he had nothing to do with it.

Vinny agreed that he'd keep watch on Amit while Eric swiped his keys and headed over to Holdgate to see if he could find any evidence. Eric was chilled to find himself at the location where Rishi died, but he quickly tried to make the damning discovery he was looking for.

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However, Amit soon suspected something was up, after he noticed Vinny repeatedly staring at the clock. Once Amit discovered his keys were gone, he set off toward Holdgate to find out what was going on.

Unfortunately, Eric didn't hear Vinny ringing his phone to warm him, leading to him being confronted by both Amit and Jai.

Eric explained to Jai that Amit is "up to his eyeballs in debt", then revealed he'd seen Amit meeting with a mysterious woman on the outskirts of the village.

Amit tried to paint Eric as "unwell", claiming he'd been the one to turn down an investment offer. Eric swore he "would not be saying any of this without a good cause".

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"What I see is that you're very stressed and you're acting out of character," Jai told a shocked Eric.

An irate Eric returned Amit's keys, but warned Jai that his father was "abominable". He later shared a shocking theory with Vinny — Amit must have killed Rishi!

The soap has hinted at Amit's involvement in Rishi's death before, as it was recently revealed that Rishi died at the same time he was due to split a large inheritance with his brother.

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