Emmerdale's Esther is rushed to hospital in latest episode

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale airs worrying scenes for baby Esther's loved ones tonight (March 27) as she's rushed to hospital with an alarmingly high temperature.

Esther is being looked after by her scheming father Samson Dingle when she becomes unwell.

Samson has repeatedly snubbed his responsibility to Esther since she was born in October last year.

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More recently, Samson has feigned an interest in Esther as part of a masterplan to extort money from his cousin Noah Dingle.

In Monday's episode, Esther's mum Amelia Spencer is pleased when Samson seems to be taking more of an interest in their baby again.

She's unaware that Samson is only doing so because he wants to pile pressure on Noah and secure another secret payout.

Samson's scheming leads to him reluctantly babysitting for Amelia when there's nobody else available.

sarah sugden, samson dingle, emmerdale

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Sarah Sugden heads over and points out that Esther has a burning temperature. Sarah convinces Samson to call an ambulance and Esther is rushed to hospital.

Later, Samson receives much praise for his speedy actions.

It's confirmed that Esther is going to be fine, but Samson is credited for being so vigilant and ensuring that she had an urgent check-up.

Noah watches on, feeling jealous as Samson receives all the glory for "saving" Esther.

noah dingle, samson dingle, amelia spencer, emmerdale

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Later, Samson cruelly realises that he can use this situation to his own advantage.

Samson tries to make Noah feel uncomfortable, then demands yet another bribe to stay out of Amelia and Esther's life.

With his trust fund depleting, will Noah be bullied into making another payment?

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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