Emmerdale's Ethan arrested after huge decision from Charles

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Ethan Anderson faces the music next week when he is arrested after fleeing the scene of a car crash.

In upcoming scenes, Ethan offers to drive Nicky Miligan to meet up with Suni Sharma, after Suni reveals that he has spotted one of the men involved in the homophobic attack against him last year.

However, when Ethan notices the police ahead, he fears he's over the alcohol limit, and in an attempt to avoid them, he crashes the car.

Although Ethan frees Nicky from the vehicle, he takes cover when Moira Dingle arrives on the scene, and runs off rather than face the consequences.

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Next week, Ethan struggles to hide his guilt when his family praises him ahead of his new job. His dad Charles clocks Ethan's reaction and realises that something is wrong.

Meanwhile, Nicky fights for his life in hospital, while Caleb Milligan and Ruby keep vigil at his bedside.

Despite the ongoing feud between them, Ruby seeks comfort from Moira about Nicky's condition – and the two women finally bond.

However, Ruby remains consumed with anger over the accident and is determined to find out who was driving the car. She's not the only one with revenge in mind, as Caleb also vows to Cain Dingle that he'll find whoever was responsible.

ethan anderson, emmerdale
charles anderson, emmerdale

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Charles tries to get the truth from Ethan but is shocked when Ethan confesses that he was driving the car and intends to lie to the police. Charles is given a further dilemma when Ethan asks him to provide an alibi for the night of the accident.

Later, Ethan is stunned when the police arrest him for the accident and realises that Charles betrayed him by reporting him to the police.

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ruby miligan, emmerdale

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In the aftermath of the arrest, Charles questions whether he's done the right thing when the family is left in turmoil.

Having witnessed Ethan being led away, Ruby assumes he's responsible, and word soon spreads throughout the village. Will Charles regret reporting Ethan to the police?

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