Emmerdale's evil Tom King tells new lie to manipulate Belle

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

The evil Tom King has told a new lie to manipulate his wife Belle in Emmerdale.

Tom sunk to new lows this week when he sabotaged his wife's new job at Take A Vow and then destroyed her mother Lisa's urn in a fit of anger.

In Friday's (March 22) episode, Tom was on the defensive when Belle was understandably upset he'd sullied her mother's ashes.

"That was an accident," Tom insisted. "I lashed out, I apologised and now you're changing the narrative to suit your victim mentality."

Belle then told her husband: "If you want to look at victim mentality, then look in the mirror!"

belle king in emmerdale

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Tom walked out on Belle, telling her he was "wasting [his] time" trying to make her understand how he's been feeling.

Belle later showed up at the vet's office to continue their discussion, with both agreeing they couldn't go on at loggerheads. The two were so loud that Paddy came out to check on Belle.

Their argument spilled out into the village, where Belle had finally had enough: "I'm sick of this. No, I'm sick of you. I hate you!"

Noticing that vicar Charles Anderson had seen their exchange, Tom covered his tracks by calling out to Belle: "I love you!"

Unfortunately, Suzy and Mandy inadvertently minimised Belle's problems with Tom when she told them a sanitised version of their row. Suzy gave her the afternoon off from Take A Vow to "sort things" with Tom.

Belle returned to the vet's office to try to make things right, even apologising to him for getting upset about her mum's urn being destroyed.

"I don't know you, not anymore. Since we got married, you changed and not for the better," Tom insisted.

tom and belle king in emmerdale

Tom announced that he'd booked himself into a hotel for the rest of the week because her angry comments were "impossible to live with".

Troubling scenes saw Belle desperately trying to make things right with Tom, even vowing she'd learn to "think before speaking".

"I'll change," she told him. "I promise, I can work on myself. I'll stop taking you for granted. Tom, I want you so much. Please, please don't leave me."

Tom finally relented, but when he supposedly called to cancel his hotel booking, viewers saw he'd only dialed his own voicemail and hadn't actually made a reservation at all.

Viewers saw a smirk creep across Tom's face as Belle hugged him and thanked him for forgiving her…

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