Emmerdale's Jimmy King breaks down ahead of Angelica's sentencing

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Jimmy King has received some surprising comfort ahead of daughter Angelica's sentencing in Emmerdale.

Angel recently agreed to turn herself in, after confessing to her family that she was the one driving when her friend Heath Hope was killed in a New Year car crash.

Cathy Hope has been trying to build bridges with Angelica in the wake of the tragedy, even bringing her one of Heath's jumpers in Tuesday's (March 12) episode.

It was all too much for Jimmy, as he made an excuse to flee the house to go to work instead of having a family lunch.

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Heath's father Bob Hope still hadn't forgiven Angelica, and he was alarmed when he accidentally ran into her while she was wearing his son's jumper.

Angel offered to give back the jumper, telling Bob: "I'm so sorry, Mr Hope, for everything."

"I should take this back," Bob insisted as he left with the jumper.

When Jimmy heard what happened, he stormed off to confront Bob. He furiously accused Bob of taking away that "little bit of comfort" Angel still has after losing her friend.

"It wasn't like that," Bob tried to explain.

Jimmy broke down, telling Bob that Angelica must be scared "half-to-death" about having to leave the family. He wept as he admitted to Bob that "nothing is okay" since the accident.

Bob clarified that he hadn't snatched the jumper. Instead, he'd been rattled seeing the jumper because, for a split second, he thought it was Heath wearing it.

"All these memories started flooding back, and memories are all I've got left of my son," Bob told Jimmy. "I'm not ready to let them go just yet."

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Jimmy apologised for jumping to conclusions, admitting to his old friend that he couldn't believe where the two families have found themselves.

"You need to remember that Angelica is coming back," Bob reminded his mate. "This isn't the end. You need to make the most of every last second that you have together. This time, right now, is more precious than anything."

Viewers later saw Jimmy return home, where he explained he hadn't been avoiding Angelica — he just hadn't wanted her to see him upset. The two then shared a heartwarming hug.

"No matter what happens, this is your home and you're coming back here. We all love you," Jimmy told his daughter.

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