Emmerdale's Kim Tate issues warning to Ruby Fox-Miligan

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Kim Tate has warned Ruby Fox-Miligan in new Emmerdale scenes.

The pair formed an unlikely alliance last week when Ruby proposed working with Kim to bring down Caleb Miligan following his affair with Tracy Metcalfe.

Kim put her reservations about Ruby aside to agree to the alliance, since she still hasn't forgiven Caleb for trying to steal her fortune last year.

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There was an awkward moment in Monday's (February 26) episode when Ruby and Caleb happened to turn up at the cafe while Nate was picking up Frankie's birthday cake.

Caleb tried to convince Nate to come back to work since Nicky was "struggling on his own", only for Nate to fire back: "You're the big boss. Why don't you sort it?"

This wasn't the only awkward encounter for Ruby, as Kim was none too pleased to see her canoodling with Caleb in HIDE.

Kim confronted Ruby once Caleb and Nicky had walked away, questioning why Ruby was still so close with her estranged husband despite their secret plot.

"You wouldn't be trying to play me, would you?" Kim asked her.

Ruby assured Kim that she was still looking into "where the cash is" and how to get her hands on it.

"Ruby, don't even try to cross me," Kim warned.

In a recent interview with Inside Soap, cast member Claire King hinted that Kim certainly hasn't forgotten about her grudge with Caleb.

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"There’s some unfinished business. He can only chip away at Kim and Home Farm for so long before he gets a slap. Beware, Caleb," she teased.

Last year, Caleb attempted to scam his way into owning Home Farm by posing as a potential business partner for Kim, all the while concealing that he's Frank Tate's secret son.

Kim would ultimately find out and expose Caleb's secret identity to the Dingle family, thus putting a strain on his relationship with his long-lost brother Cain.

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