Emmerdale's Leyla Cavanagh left mortified by Jai Sharma kiss mistake

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Leyla Cavanagh is left mortified next week after kissing Jai Sharma and realising what a mistake she has made.

Jai and Leyla remained friends after they had an affair a few years ago when Jai was with Megan Macey.

Leyla is still struggling to rebuild her life following an ongoing battle with drug issues over the past year that culminated in an overdose which landed her in the hospital.

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Earlier this year, Leyla relapsed after facing difficulties in her divorce and her son Jacob was stabbed when he went to confront his mum's drug dealer Callum.

Jai, having overcome his own addiction to drugs, relates to what Leyla is going through and offers his friend support and kindness in her time of need.

In episodes that will air next week, after receiving a decree nisi which ends her marriage to Liam for good, Leyla is moved by Jai's kindness when he checks on her following the life-altering news.

Misinterpreting the warm gesture as something more, Leyla leans in to kiss Jai, who is mortified when he realises his partner Laurel has spotted them.

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Things look bad for Jai who despairs when a furious Laurel storms off after witnessing her partner locking lips with his former lover.

Later, Jai turns up to talk to Leyla about what happened between them and tells a disheartened Leyla that he can no longer be the person to support her through her addiction recovery.

Suzy agrees to step in and offers to support Leyla in Jai's place – but will the new arrangement work out for Leyla?

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