Emmerdale's Mackenzie Boyd makes huge decision over Charity affair

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Mackenzie Boyd has promised to break up with Chloe Harris in Emmerdale.

Mack and Charity Dingle have been seeing each other behind Chloe's back for weeks, with Mack promising he'd tell his fiancée he's leaving her after Christmas.

In Friday's (November 17) episode, Mack confided in Charity that Christmas couldn't come soon enough because he's ready to be with her officially once again.

Mack kept up the ruse with Chloe by offering to accompany her to the hospital for her brain scan results, while guilting Amy into staying behind to watch baby Reuben.

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A few hours later, the pair returned home to share the news with Amy that the MRI results were clear and Chloe's doctors felt her collapse was likely due to exhaustion.

Chloe once again tried to convince Amy that Mackenzie was taking care of her in a private moment, though it was obvious that Amy still didn't trust Mack.

Mack felt more desperate than ever when Chloe told him that she was feeling better after the MRI results, so she wanted to start planning the couple's future together.

During a secret visit with Charity, Mack made it clear he couldn't go through with his original plans of waiting until after Christmas.

"It's got to stop, even if it ruins Christmas for her. I'm going to tell her that it's over," Mack insisted.

Mack said he'd let Chloe have some time to enjoy the positive results from her MRI, then tell her the truth the following day.

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The truth will indeed come out in next week's episode, leading to a vengeful Chloe trying to get even with Mack and Charity for their latest betrayal.

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