Emmerdale's Mackenzie Boyd raises suspicions over baby secret

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Mackenzie Boyd has raised suspicions over his baby secret by fighting with Dan Spencer in Emmerdale.

The clock is ticking until Charity Dingle finds out the truth about new husband Mack fathering a child with Chloe Harris and keeping it secret for months.

In Tuesday's (May 9) episode, Mack was consumed with his guilty conscience as his son Reuben lay sick in the hospital with bacterial meningitis.

A weary Chloe got the unfortunate news from the baby's doctor that an attempt to take him off sedation wasn't successful because it caused a drop in blood pressure. Chloe and Amy were understandably alarmed when they were told Reuben would need an MRI to check his brain for signs of bleeding.

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Back in the village, Mack was overcome when Charity shared with him about the latest scan but still tried to stop Charity from going down to visit Chloe at the hospital.

"I just feel a bit helpless," he admitted, before once again covering up why he was emotional.

Over at the hospital, Chloe received the positive update that the scan didn't show signs of any bleeding. Meanwhile, Mack went and drowned his sorrows at the pub.

He first lashed out at Caleb and then had a go at Dan when the latter pointed out that "miracles can happen", even for those who are very ill.

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"Thanks for that, Dr Dan," Mack sniped. "Stop with the platitudes. You don't have a clue, mate, so stop giving everyone false hope."

When Dan walked over to confront Mack, he was surprised by a sucker punch across the face! Charity demanded answers from Mack over his outburst, but he just walked out of the pub instead.

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