Emmerdale's Manpreet makes a new discovery about Ella

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Manpreet Sharma has made a puzzling discovery about Ella Forster in Emmerdale.

Ella has been secretive about her past ever since she arrived in the village, though it appeared she was opening up after moving in with boyfriend Liam Cavanagh.

In Thursday's (May 23) double bill, Liam gently tried to question Ella about why he'd seen her leaving the village in her car when she was supposedly sick.

Ella defensively suggested Liam must be regretting asking her to move in, causing the doctor to back down because he thought he'd overstepped.

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"Obviously, it's none of my business if you wanted to go out in your car," he told her.

However, Liam was left suspicious again when Ella announced she was going out without specifying where she was headed.

Ella was next seen visiting a care home where she spent time with an elderly resident named June. They looked through one of June's scrapbooks, with June thanking Ella for visiting often.

"You've always got me," Ella promised.

June then beamed: "I'm so lucky!"

Ella initially had no idea that Manpreet was seeing a patient at the care home that day and noticed her visiting June.

ella, manpreet sharma, emmerdale

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Manpreet asked about Ella's relationship with the care home resident but nobody would tell her anything concrete. Later, as Manpreet went to leave for the day, Ella stepped in her path.

"Like I wouldn't know you're here. Like I can't read the guestbook," an annoyed Ella declared.

Ella asked whether Manpreet, Mandy and Liam were "all in on it" after their recent questions, leaving Manpreet confused. She asked Ella to give her a lift back to the village to talk things out.

The soap then skipped ahead to Ella in tears after remaining completely silent on their ride back to the village. She begged Manpreet not to tell Liam about "her", with Manpreet assuring her there's "no conspiracy".

Manpreet tried to comfort Ella by explaining how common dementia is, but Ella threatened to leave the village if the truth about June was revealed.

"'[June] is the most important thing, and whatever time I've got left with her, it's time I never thought I'd get, that I don't deserve," Ella tearfully told her.

manpreet sharma, ella, emmerdale

"I have to cherish each bit. It's between me and her. It's deep and it's private and I'm all she's got."

Manpreet promised she wouldn't say anything to Liam, before assuring Ella that June is lucky to have her. Ella was shown breaking down as Manpreet exited the car.

Who is June?

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