Emmerdale's Moira and Mackenzie both arrested in Samson storyline

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Moira Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd have been arrested as part of Samson Dingle's ongoing Emmerdale storyline.

Earlier this week, Moira vowed to do something to get Matty Barton out of jail after he was framed by Samson and Josh Cope for the stabbing at the Hide.

With Matty in hospital after a brutal beating and facing bullying from prisoner Robbo, Moira enlisted brother Mack to help her force Samson to confess.

Thursday's (July 11) episode saw Moira and Mack confront Samson and drag him out of Wishing Well Cottage to admit what he'd done.

samson in emmerdale

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Samson finally broke down as Moira reminded him about the abuse that Matty has faced for being a trans man — and how he's completely vulnerable to "never-ending torment" inside a prison.

Samson conceded Josh forced him to lunge at Matty with a bottle in the Hide but insisted "there was no point" in going to police since Josh would deny it. Mack turned the tables on the teen, reminding him that if Samson and Matty both gave police the same story, it wouldn't matter if Josh tried to lie.

Under pressure from Mack and Moira, Samson agreed that he'd go to the police station and retract his original statement. Once they arrived at the station, Samson convinced Moira to let him go in alone as a way to take responsibility for what he'd done.

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"Don't worry about Josh," Moira assured him. "If he wants to get at you, he'll have to get through Cain."

Later, PC Swirling turned up to the farm to reveal that Samson was pressing charges against Moira and Mack for allegations of kidnapping.

"I'm arresting you," PC Swirling announced as Mack and Moira realised Samson had double-crossed them.

Will Mack and Moira end up in prison too?

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