Emmerdale's Moira threatens Cain as he leaves the village

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Moira Dingle has threatened husband Cain over his decision to leave the village in Emmerdale.

This week, Cain has been secretly organising a trip for himself and half-brother Caleb, though viewers still don't know the particulars.

Chas Dingle was the first to catch on that Cain is up to something, with Moira also growing suspicious during Wednesday's (September 13) episode.

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Moira was surprised when Cain suddenly announced that Caleb got a job for him importing cars from Holland and he'd need to go out of town immediately

"Since when did you two become travelling buddies because a few weeks back, you couldn't stand the guy?" Moira rightfully asked.

Cain tried to shut his wife down. "It's work and it's well paid," he hit back.

His lies were fairly easily exposed when Nate showed up for a brew and admitted he'd heard nothing from Caleb about importing cars from Holland.

Moira pointed out that the garage would be under-staffed, but Cain insisted he'd earn more money with Caleb so it was "a no-brainer".

"Something's going on and I suggest we find out what," Moira confided in Nate.

Moira joined with Nate and Lewis to confront Caleb, questioning why he was in such a rush to leave. Caleb stuck to Cain's plan, telling them he'd only found out about this car shipment last night.

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Nate questioned if Cain and Caleb were actually out for revenge against gangster Harry, but Caleb shut them down by insisting this was all about importing cars. Moira ordered him to find another mechanic for his trip.

Nevertheless, Cain was getting ready to leave town even after Moira warned him she didn't trust Caleb. Cain finally admitted the story had been concocted, but asked for her to trust him.

"You do what you want, you'll do it anyway," Moira told him. "But if you come back to find the locks have changed, don't be too surprised!"

The episode closed with Moira listening in as Caleb admitted to his brother he was being blamed as "the instigator" but would "take the heat" from everyone.

"However this ends, we're in it together," Caleb vowed.

Moira approached Cain as he was leaving, but they said nothing to each other as he walked out the door…

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