Emmerdale's Nicky threatens Caleb over affair

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Nicky Miligan has threatened Caleb in Emmerdale over his father's affair with Tracy Robinson.

Nicky is one of the few people who knows the truth about Caleb's fling with Tracy, but has thus far kept his father's secret to protect his mum Ruby Fox-Miligan.

This week's episodes have seen Caleb pushed into an awkward position of having to support employee Nate after Tracy officially split up with him.

In Wednesday's (February 7) episode, Ruby grew more suspicious that Caleb was somehow involved in Tracy's split from Nate.

"What's going on? And don't fob me off this time," Ruby asked her husband and son.

beth cordingly as ruby in emmerdale

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Caleb insisted that "nothing" was going on with Nate, with Nicky reluctantly backing up his dad's lie. Ruby could see through their assurances — warning she'd figure out what Caleb and Nicky were hiding.

In the village, Moira tried to be supportive when Tracy expressed her fears that she'd "messed up" daughter Frankie's childhood by splitting from her dad.

"I know it's hard but you're doing the right thing," Moira told her.

Ruby was listening in, so she tried to trick Moira into admitting Tracy had cheated on Nate.

"I never said that," Moira shot back, before warning her to "back off".

Back at the Mill, Ruby surprised Nicky with her theory that Tracy had cheated on Nate — and asked Nicky if he knew whether Tracy and Caleb were "having an affair".

lewis cope as nicky in emmerdale

Ruby pointed out all of the irregularities around Caleb investing Tracy's business and then pulling out suddenly, though Nicky insisted nothing was going on between his father and Tracy.

"I've lived with him all this time. I think I know him better than you," Nicky shot back.

Nicky made up a lie that Caleb had been upset about Ruby "causing trouble" and wanted to kick her out of the house.

While Nicky stuck up for his dad to Ruby, he later warned Caleb that he wouldn't be able to cover for him much longer.

"You've put this family through enough. I think this will be the last straw," Nicky pointed out.

will ash as caleb in emmerdale

He then threatened to tell Ruby the truth, unless Caleb made peace with Ruby and allowed her to stay in Emmerdale.

"Make the effort, keep her happy… [or] I'll tell her everything," Nicky promised.

Meanwhile, Nate announced to Tracy that he was moving back home even though they were splitting up.

"[You can] stay, or move out, but either way, I'm moving back home," he vowed.

The truth about Tracy and Celeb's affair will finally be exposed in shocking news next week, as Ruby takes revenge on her husband.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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