Emmerdale's Rhona Goskirk is offered a surprising deal in baby storyline

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Rhona Goskirk will be offered a surprising deal in her ongoing baby storyline on Emmerdale.

The character has landed in trouble lately, with Gus reporting her to the police for kidnapping baby Ivy. She retaliated in due course, telling officers that he had fraudulently used one of her frozen embryos to bring Ivy into the world.

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Next week’s scenes will begin with Rhona and Marlon understandably nervous over her impending court case regarding her alleged kidnapping of Ivy, but Marlon attempts to comfort his wife nonetheless.

As the preparations get underway, Rhona informs both Mary and Marlon that she intends to plead not guilty, while April is mortified at the prospect of her stepmother facing jail time.

In a bid to resolve the situation, she skips school and begs Gus to tell the police that Rhona is innocent of the charge, but she makes an error as she accidentally lets slip that Rhona will be pleading not guilty.

Gus brings April back to Rhona and Marlon, and confronts the former on her plea. As Rhona makes a move towards Ivy, Gus becomes defensive and ends up in a scuffle with Marlon, with Gus being knocked to the floor as a result.

marlon dingle, rhona goskirk, gus, emmerdale

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Marlon attempts to apologise, but Gus isn’t in any mood for forgiveness, with an upset April storming off as she cannot believe how far the situation has escalated.

In a shock move, however, Gus offers Rhona a way out as he suggests they both change their statements. He offers to cancel the sale of the house and intimates that Rhona could see Ivy, leaving her with a decision to make.

Will she take the deal?

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