Emmerdale's Samson to be caught out over nasty baby plan

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Samson Dingle faces a major backlash next week after he's finally caught out for using his baby daughter to extort money from his cousin Noah.

The teenager has demanded major bribes from Noah in recent weeks, promising to stay away from Amelia Spencer and baby Esther in exchange for cash.

Samson is the father of Amelia's young daughter, but has wanted nothing to do with Esther since she was born last October.

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When Noah received a large trust fund, Samson hatched a plan to get his hands on the money. He finally started spending time with Amelia and Esther, aware that Noah would feel insecure about being replaced in their new family set-up.

Just as Samson had predicted, Noah started paying him off if he agreed to stay away.

In next week's episodes, Samson starts spending time with Esther again after she's taken to hospital with a temperature.

Amelia is pleased over Samson's growing interest in their daughter, but it's all part of his ploy to demand money from Noah for a third time.

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When Samson calls for another payout, Noah reluctantly arranges a bank transfer.

Samson receives the cash and soon upsets Amelia by revoking his desire to spend time with Esther, without any suitable explanation.

Later, Amelia worries that she won't be able to afford Esther's childcare. She suggests that Noah could pay for it with his trust fund, unaware that he has already spent the money on bribing Samson.

Feeling uneasy over the situation, Noah snaps that Amelia only sees him as a cash machine. Amelia is hurt by the accusation and storms off.

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Noah's mum Charity witnesses the argument and asks him what's going on. She's alarmed to hear that the trust fund money has already disappeared thanks to Samson's blackmail.

Before long, the terrible truth spreads and Samson finds himself confronted from all angles by his family and friends.

Samson tries to get himself off the hook, but the reality of his actions hits home when his father Sam orders him to find somewhere else to live.

Will Samson ever be forgiven for this?

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