Emmerdale's Tom King taunts Vinny Dingle over his love life

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tom King has taunted Vinny Dingle over his love life in Emmerdale.

Monday's episode dealt with the aftermath of shocking scenes last week where Tom attacked Vinny in his work trailer as revenge for spending time with Belle.

Because Tom jumped Vinny from behind, nobody knows the sadistic abuser was responsible for the beating — but Tom wasn't ready to let things go.

In Monday's episode (April 22), Tom got more information he could use against Vinny once Belle learned of the attack.

The revelation came out when Tom accused Belle of making him feel like his abusive father after she'd turned down his sexual advances. The villain once again manipulated Belle into apologising to him.

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Belle then asked Tom to kiss her to make up for the argument, even with Vinny sleeping upstairs. When Vinny and Liv Dingle's marriage came up, Belle explained Vinny was a virgin because Liv was asexual, before asking Tom to never repeat that information.

Later, Vinny came downstairs to check in, though he quickly realised he'd walked in on the couple just after they'd had sex.

"One day, my friend, you will understand the flames of passion," Tom told Vinny.

Vinny was mortified when he realised Belle had told Tom about his virginity, though Tom sarcastically told him "there's no shame" in it.

"We can always stage an intervention for you, if you like," Tom quipped.

Belle felt terrible as Vinny encouraged them to go home now that he was awake. Tom got in one last parting shot before walking out.

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"That rug? It'll definitely need a hoover, mate," he declared.

Will Vinny ever forgive Belle for revealing his secret?

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