Emmerdale's Tracy Robinson left devastated by Caleb and Ruby

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tracy Robinson has been devastated by Caleb Miligan and his wife Ruby Fox-Miligan sabotaging her business in Emmerdale.

She recently secured a potential breakthrough in her startup nursery pitch when Gabby Thomas expressed interest in the HOP funding its development.

At the same time, Tracy has continued to have run-ins with Ruby due to her affair with Caleb being outed during Belle and Tom's wedding reception.

In Thursday's (March 7) double bill, Caleb found himself backed into a corner as he faced scrutiny from his insurance company over his stolen car scheme.

will ash as caleb in emmerdale

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Meanwhile, Ruby ordered Caleb to prove his loyalty by joining her in ruining Tracy's business meeting with Gabby.

"I'm not sure I can do this," Caleb admitted, with Ruby insisting: "You can and you will."

Tracy's presentation was going well until she opened the floor for questions, leading Ruby to point out she had no qualifications to run a nursery. She kept her cool and handed Ruby a brochure with her qualifications, in order to keep her presentation from going off the rails.

With Nate watching on, Caleb interrupted Tracy's wrap-up to tell the entire room that she used to be a sex worker.

"[She's] not the kind of woman I want anywhere near my kids," Caleb announced.

Tracy was understandably taken aback, but acknowledged that she'd taken money for sex "a long time ago".

amy walsh as tracy in emmerdale

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The situation only got worse when the police showed up to question Nate Robinson about Caleb's stolen cars. Caleb realised right away that Ruby had phoned in the tip against Nate.

Following the disastrous presentation, Gabby explained to Tracy she had no choice but to cancel the investment in the nursery.

Back at the Mill Cottage, Ruby flipped out when Caleb branded her a "poisonous snake" and accused her of deliberately turning his family against him. Ruby frantically smashed a glass against the wall after Caleb walked out on her…

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