Emmerdale's Victoria Barton sacked after Eric Pollard demand

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Victoria Barton has been sacked in new Emmerdale scenes.

Earlier this week, vengeful Eric Pollard demanded Jai Sharma fire Victoria as the head chef of Hide as revenge for her dumping Jacob Gallagher.

Eric warned Jai that he'd tell his half-brother Suni Sharma about how they'd run Amit out of the village unless Jai complied.

The situation was made all the more complex by the fact that Victoria only broke up with Jacob so he wouldn't pass up a six-week placement in Berlin as part of his medical studies.

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In Friday's (April 19) episode, Jacob was utterly heartbroken over the split, telling Leyla that he wasn't sure how to move forward.

"[Victoria's] my life, mum. I can't imagine it without her," he admitted.

Meanwhile, Eric warned Jai that he had until the end of the day to sack Victoria from Hide or Suni would learn the truth about Amit.

Jai resorted to desperate means to fire Victoria. After she accidentally shattered a bottle of olive oil, Jai slipped a shard of glass onto the pizza she was preparing for Laurel.

He then staged a scene where he found the glass shard before Laurel could eat it, then used the 'mistake' as a means to fire Victoria for gross negligence.

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Suni and Laurel tried to convince Jai to give Victoria a warning, but he refused to reverse his decision. However, Jai did promise to give Victoria two months' pay and a reference.

When Jacob found out from Gabby about the firing, his first reaction was to convince Jai to take her back.

Eric and Leyla both asked him not to interfere, insisting that Victoria had made it clear that their relationship was over.

Over at Hide, Jai convinced Suni to take over as head chef and promised he'd look out for him. Jai then told Eric they were even now that Victoria had been sacked, but Eric warned him their debt was far from settled.

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