Emmerdale's Zoe Henry on Rhona Goskirk's response to baby shock

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale actress Zoe Henry has explained her character Rhona Goskirk's reaction to the shocking baby story that's going to really kick off next week.

Earlier this year, Rhona's ex-husband Gus turned up and asked if he and his current wife could use one of the frozen embryos from their marriage. She said no, but now it looks like he's fraudulently gone ahead with it anyway.

Scenes set to air next week will see Marlon Dingle admit that he's seen Gus and his heavily pregnant wife at the hospital, after initially keeping it a secret. Rhona will then go to Gus' house for a confrontation, which will end with Rhona driving Gus' wife to hospital during her labour.

There's a lot of dig into there, and Henry has spoken about her character's mindset regarding both Marlon's secrecy and Gus' behaviour.

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"Initially Rhona is really angry with Marlon for doing that, but as the day goes on, she realises that she wouldn't have wanted to be the one to tell her either!" she said.

"It's just the shock that something she thought she'd put to bed 15 years ago is right back here again and it's imminent, because the baby is due soon. How do you even begin to comprehend the enormity of that? It's beyond shocking. There's no right or wrong way to react to this news, it's just how do you get your head around that?"

She called filming the scenes "good fun but hard work at the same time", citing "superb" writing but also the need to represent things properly.

"If I think about myself in this situation, the thought that it would be kept from you - which is what Gus and Lucy were planning to do - it's easy to say that it'd be better if she never knew," Henry added.

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"But the thought of your child being out there somewhere and you not knowing, I think it's probably better if she knows... It's hell because he's lied and stolen. It's explosive and Rhona is angry, which you would be.

"Gus did go through the right channels at first and tried to ask for permission, Rhona said no and he did it anyway. It's fraud and everything you shouldn't doing."

One thing Rhona isn't is intimidated by Gus, as Henry stated: "She's been here before. They were married and separated as a result of the stress of trying for children and going through rounds of IVF.

"She's not intimidated, but she is treading carefully because instinctively she wants to be part of the baby's life. She knows how difficult Gus can be. She's not scared of Gus but she's cautious in how she's dealing with him."

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Whilst things kick off this month, there looks set to be more drama ahead as Henry teased that her character and Marlon have "got a very busy Christmas coming up with a few unexpected guests. I'm sure that's not too cryptic!

"I think there's a long road ahead. Nothing is straightforward or linear. It should make for great viewing, I really think so."

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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