End of an Eras Tour in Ireland as Taylor Swift concerts finish in Dublin

Fans converged on the Aviva Stadium on Sunday in their thousands for the final of the three Taylor Swift concerts that rocked Dublin to its core all weekend.

Thousands of eager Swifties were in fine singing form as the world’s biggest pop superstar treated them to her full repertoire over three hours of music magic.

Sisters Cara, 24, and Emma Jones, 19, from Dublin, attended the concert together. Cara said: “I have been a fan for years. I remember singing Taylor Swift Love Story Karaoke in the kitchen on my mam and dad’s laptop when I was young, at least 10 or 12 years ago. We have had the tickets for this concert for over a year.

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“I think the hype has been so built up because of social media. Even people who aren’t Swifties are going because it’s more of a show than a concert.”

Disability support workers Sarah Louise Hannon and Chloe Mulholland, both 27, from Armagh, said they have been counting down to the concert for over a year.

Sarah Louise said: “ I have YouTube on every single day and we are all watching videos together.”

Chloe added: “Every night we are working together we entertain the residents and shout “it’s the eras tour!” It was a war getting tickets. It was every man for themselves, we are so lucky to get them. We have friends who didn’t get them and they are jealous we are here.”

Julie Gaspard, from Berlin, travelled to Dublin for the show and said: “I was in the top 13% of Taylor Swift listeners last year and when I realised the European tickets were being sold I put all my sisters in law in a group chat and we got tickets and here we are a year later.”

Anna Noctor, 18, from Waterford said she only got her hands on tickets last month. Anna said: “I got last minute tickets, about a month ago. I was hunting everyday for tickets. Anyone I met on a night out I was asking for tickets.

“It’s such a good tour, even people who aren’t fans like my aunt went the other night and she would like her but wouldn’t know all the songs and she loved it.”

The style and fashion on show really had to be seen to be believed, such is the dedication and devotion of 'Swifties'. Taylor Swift concluded the Irish leg of her world famous Eras Tour in Dublin's Aviva Stadium on Sunday night.

After much speculation as to his whereabouts, her partner, Travis Kelce, turned up at the Aviva Stadium as Taylor performed on the final night of the sold-out Dublin leg.

Meanwhile, one lucky Swiftie is still “excited and very happy” after she was chosen by Taylor Swift to be the recipient of the singer’s hat at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium.

Mia Green, seven, from Dundalk, Co Louth, travelled to Saturday’s concert with her aunt Sarah Durnan and Sarah’s pal Ashling Dunne to see the Shake it Off hitmaker perform.

And on the morning of the concert, Mia actually manifested and predicted she would be picked for the hat as she told her family as soon as she woke up “I’m gonna get the 22 hat,” her mum Shannon revealed.

Taylor, 34, always wears a black designer Fedora from Gladys Tamez when she performs her hit song ‘22’ and it has become a tradition to give it away to a fan at the shows.

Speaking exclusively to this paper the day after the concert, Mia’s mum Shannon told us “I don’t think we will ever come down from the high.”

Mia’s aunt Sarah told us that they were seated in their seats in the stand and Mia was “non stop singing and dancing”.

Sarah added: “Then, during the song Love Story a girl wearing full merchandise and a VIP badge and three security personnel tapped me on the shoulder and said to Mia and me ‘Come with us.’

“We then walked with them and I asked if this was really happening and the girl just smiled and said ‘Come with me.’

“We went down the elevator and then onto the pitch and the security staff lifted Mia onto the steps on the front of the stage.

Sarah revealed she was crying while Mia was all excited. “It didn’t really phase Mia and she sang and danced to ‘22’ while Taylor and her dancers were coming down to the front of the stage to see her.

Taylor then asked Mia for a hug and thanked her for coming to the concert and placed the hat on her head,” said Sarah.

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