'End of an Error': New Zealand Farmer Mows Sarcastic Farewell Message to Jacinda Ardern

A farmer in the Auckland, New Zealand, area mowed a gigantic message dedicated to outgoing Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in light of her recent resignation, calling it “The End of an Error.”

Drone footage recorded on January 24 and shared by Rodney Michael Ng shows his sprawling message in full from up above.

The sarcastic farmer also shared a video to TikTok documenting his process, and where he wrote another message addressing the exiting prime minister.

“We don’t agree with a heck of a lot but that’s water under the bridge,” Ng wrote in the video. “You were one of a kind, that’s for sure.”

Back in October, the NZ Herald reported that farmers had planned almost 60 convoys nationwide to protest against their government’s proposed livestock-emission plan, which would see farmers paying for agricultural emissions in some form by 2025.

Protest turnout ended up being lower than expected, with only one tractor seen in Wellington as 100 protesters gathered on Parliament’s lawn, the Herald said, but the plan was later amended to address farmers’ concerns, according to reports. Credit: Rodney Michael Ng via Storyful

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