Endangered White's Seahorses Thrive After Being Released Into the Wild in Sydney

An aquarium in Sydney reported on Monday, October 12, that a number of White’s seahorses bred in a conservation program were found to be thriving after their release into the wild four months ago.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium released footage of the White’s seahorses, a species also known as the Sydney seahorse, and said the conservation program began after the species was listed as endangered.

“This pilot project aims to determine if populations can be recovered by restoring their habitat through the use of Seahorse Hotels, artificial structures that become natural over time, creating the perfect environment for this species of seahorse,” the zoo said in a press release.

Seahorses born into a breeding facility at the aquarium were released in Clifton Gardens in Mosman, Sydney, in May, and were monitored on a weekly basis.

Robbie McCracken, a SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Aquarist and seahorse expert, said they hoped the seahorses might begin pairing off and taking part in the upcoming summer breeding season. “We can proudly say that they are getting on really well in their new Seahorse Hotels,” McCracken said. Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney via Storyful