Endeavour star Roger Allam lands next movie role

roger allam
Endeavour star Roger Allam lands next movie roleDave Benett - Getty Images

Endeavour star Roger Allam has signed on to star in new British mystery movie Promenade.

The actor, best known for playing DCI Fred Thursday in the long-running ITV series, is one of 50 ensemble cast members to appear in the who-dunnit drama set in the seaside town Brighton.

Four Weddings And A Funeral and Downton Abbey actress Anna Chancellor joins Allam on set, in addition to Top Boy's Malcolm Kamulete.

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"In Brighton, on the South coast of England, sharpened by the sting of sea spray, and mellowed by numinous light, a tight-knit community of oddballs and heart-felts live together in a tatty old mansion, the Fletcher Apartments," teases the synopsis.

"When a golden feather, the priceless antique mascot of the building, unexpectedly disappears, the residents have a mystery to solve. Will they find the talisman that previously bound them together, or will their community, now divided against itself, irrevocably unravel?"

The project has begun shooting, with principal photography commencing this week.

roger allam
Dave Benett - Getty Images

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Promenade is written by David Wigram, with filmmaker John Jencks in the directing seat. Jencks is a producer on the upcoming reboot of The Crow starring Bill Skarsgård and previously directed the 2017 comedy The Hippopotamus based on the Stephen Fry novel of the same name.

“Having spent seven years producing a superhero movie, I wanted to direct a film that was the diametric opposite," said Jencks.

"Promenade is a community-led film with no single hero. It has over 50 characters and 12 stories, tied together with one overarching plot. It all takes place in a block of flats in Brighton and will be one wild ride!"

There is currently no release date for Promenade.

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