The ending of Bridgerton season 3 explained

Dearest gentle reader, get your ballgowns and and afternoon tea ready because the final part of Bridgerton season three has finally arrived to Netflix and we've explained the regal ending to the period drama.

The second part of the third season dropped on 13th June, and sees the relationship between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington take centre stage. But, does Colin find out Penelope is Lady Whistledown and do they end up getting married?

Get ready for some Regency-era gossip, drama and debauchery, because here is the ending to Bridgerton season three part two explained. Thank us later, Bridgerton fans!

Cressida discovers Penelope is Lady Whistledown

The day after her wedding to Colin, Penelope receives a visit from Cressida Cowper who discovers from the printers that Penelope is Lady Whistledown, so she blackmails her for money and tells Penelope's mother.

Penelope then tells Eloise and Colin and offers to pay the sum from her money made from selling the gossip column, but Colin orders that Penelope shouldn't pay Cressida a penny and decides to pay her a visit.

Here, Colin tells Cressida that he relates to her loneliness as does Penelope, and pleads with her to forgive Penelope. But, she disagrees, asks for even more money plus a column to restore her reputation.

bridgerton season 3 ending explained

Francesca and John Kilmartin marry

On Francesca and John's wedding day, Lady Featherington receives a visit from the solicitor who threatens to expose her for using the money Jack Featherington stole from the 'ton.

Meanwhile, Lady Danbury suggests Violet should explore her connection with Lord Marcus Anderson and says she does not need her permission, just like she didn't ask for permission when she and Violet's father had a relationship years prior.

While getting ready, Francesca discusses moving to Scotland with her mother and insists she will come back to visit. Then, Violet says she now understands the calmer nature of her relationship with John and the couple marry in a small ceremony at home.

bridgerton season 3 ending

Benedict breaks up with Lady Tilley Arnold

After Benedict, Tilley and Suarez sleep together, Tilley tells Benedict that she wants a more serious relationship with him, but he doesn't agree. He says that he wants to be free for longer, and they end their relationship.

As for Cressida, she is still sent away to live with her aunt after Penelope decides not to pay the blackmail money or release a new issue.

Penelope admits she is Lady Whistledown

At the Featherington ball, Violet and Lord Marcus dance together and soon, Queen Charlotte arrives and says she received a letter from Lady Whistledown asking for mercy.

Then, Penelope takes the centre of the ballroom where she admits she to the 'ton that she is Lady Whistledown and why she wrote the gossip paper.

She then tells the Queen she will be more careful with her writing and asks to continue writing her paper, to which the Queen agrees. "What is life without a little gossip?" she says, before leaving and the ball continues.

Lady Danbury then tells Penelope she knew she was Lady Whistledown, and Penelope tells her mother that they can say to the solicitor their money was from her gossip column.

bridgerton season 3 ending explained

Penelope and Colin reconcile

Penelope tells Colin that she will understand if he wants to annul their marriage, but he tells her that he accepts her for who she is, was regrettably jealous of her success and they tell each other they love each other. We're not crying, you are!

Eloise goes to Scotland with Francesca

Eloise asks Francesca and John if she can go to Scotland with them to have a break from London and the 'ton, and they agree. Then, Francesca meets John's cousin, Michaela Stirling, and is lost for words. If you've read the books, you know!

As Eloise and Francesca leave for Scotland, they say goodbye to Benedict, Penelope and the rest of their family. Then, in a flash forward, we see Colin and Penelope have had a baby, as have Philippa, Felicity and their husbands.

Then, an issue of Lady Whistledown arrives, but we see Penelope has decided to drop the pseudonym and signs the issue as Penelope Bridgerton. The end!

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Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix now.

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