The ending of Netflix's Best. Christmas. Ever! explained

best christmas ever ending explained
The ending of Best. Christmas. Ever! explainedNetflix

We're officially in full Christmas mode, bring on the mince pies, cracker jokes and questionable gifts. And what better way to kick off the festive season than with a brand new Christmas movie? Best. Christmas. Ever! starring Brandy Norwood, Heather Graham and Jason Biggs just dropped on Netflix, and tells the story of Charlotte (Graham) and her husband Rob (Biggs) who end up spending Christmas with Charlotte's former BFF Jackie Jennings (Norwood), who appears to have the perfect life.

However, Charlotte is convinced no one's life is that perfect, and makes it her mission to discover Jackie's secret. So does she find out the truth about the Jennings household? Here's the full ending of Netflix's Best. Christmas. Ever! explained.

best christmas ever ending explained

What happens at the end of Best. Christmas. Ever!?

Best. Christmas. Ever! tells the story of a couple Charlotte and Rob, and their two children Dora (Abby Villasmil) and Grant (Wyatt Hunt), who end up spending their Christmas with Charlotte's former BFF Jackie and her husband Valentino (Matt Cedeño) and their daughter Beatrix (Madison Skye Validum), after Charlotte says she would love to find out if Jackie's boastful holiday newsletter is actually as truthful as it appears.

In the letter Jackie and her family appear to have it all, their 10-year-old daughter Beatrix is the youngest person to ever attend Harvard, Valentino is running an award winning karate dojo, Jackie sold her aviation company and their son Daniel was busy helping with a humanitarian crisis in Africa.

As well as trying to suss out the truth of Jackie's happiness, Charlotte is also alarmed to see Jackie has received a letter from Rob. Given Rob and Jackie dated in college before Charlotte married him, she's got some major suspicions about what's going on.

It all comes to a head when Valentino catches Charlotte snooping around the attic, and she accidentally breaks the doll house Jackie has been working on for months and the whole family confronts her about what she's been doing. Rob calls her out on the snooping and asks if finding out Jackie's life isn't as perfect as she thinks will make her feel better about her own. Charlotte then confesses she was looking for the letter Rob sent Jackie.

Rob then confesses the letter he sent Jackie is actually a holiday newsletter, that he's been sending out for years, but he had everyone keep it a secret from Charlotte, because she hates the letters.

best christmas ever ending explained

Ok so that's one mystery solved, but what about Jackie's perfect life?

Well, Charlotte then apologised to Jackie for breaking her doll house and Jackie begs her to stay for Christmas, and the two makeup. Jackie and Beatrix then end up helping Charlotte buy Rob's dream house for him as a surprise Christmas gift.

However, after hearing on the news the company she works for is going bankrupt Charlotte panics and tries to head back home to stop the sale of the house going through, as they can no longer afford it.

On her way home she is stopped by an angel (ok so technically its Rose dressed in an angel costume) who tells her how nice it is she is spending time with Jackie at Christmas, as "she loves company, especially around this time of year." With Rose's words ringing in her ear, Charlotte then drives past a sign advertising the "Daniel Jennings memorial fund" and it all clicks into place.

Charlotte realises that Daniel has in fact sadly passed away, and isn't volunteering in Africa and heads back to Jackie's house. When she arrives Jackie tells her she couldn't write about Daniel's death in the holiday newsletter and it was why she hadn't sent one out the previous year. Jackie went onto explain how the family wanted to create something to keep Daniel's name alive and so they created the foundation, and she wrote about it in the foundation as if Daniel actually did it.

We don't actually find out how Daniel passed away in the film, with Jackie only vaguely mentioning something about the hospital.

best christmas ever ending explained

The film ends with Jackie making Daniel's dream come true with the first solar powered hot air balloon fly over the nativity play, with a little help from Charlotte, who uses her science knowledge to get the balloon off the ground. They fly over the nativity play but not before accidentally picking up a sleigh and proving to Grant that Santa Claus is real. The balloon then lights up as a star and the Jennings family wish Daniel a "Merry Christmas".

Jackie lands the balloon and gives the crowd a rendition of 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'.

As the credits roll we get a big update on where all the characters are now, through a joint holiday newsletter written by Charlotte. She explains they made it to Charlotte's sister's house for New Year's Eve. Jackie and Charlotte began their own chip mitt business whose first client is Mariah Carey. The kids are all learning karate from Valentino and the Jennings went on their hot air balloon trip around the world raising money for Daniel's foundation.

And Charlotte and Rob got to keep their dream house (most likely due to the success of the chip mitts), and are doing it up for their "splendiferous family".

We love a happy (festive) ending.

Best. Christmas. Ever! is available on Netflix now

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