Watch the first trailer for Blake Lively's It Ends With Us movie adaptation

blake lively, justin baldoni, it ends with us
First trailer for It Ends With Us is now outSony Pictures

It Ends With Us has released its first full trailer.

Finally fans can get a good look at the adaptation of Colleen Hoover's bestselling novel, starring Blake Lively.

"We break the pattern, or the pattern breaks us," she says in the trailer, as we get a glimpse at the dramatic love triangle at the centre of the story.

The film, like the novel it was based on, follows Lily as she starts up her own business and begins a relationship with a man named Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon who is seven years older than her. Unfortunately, the relationship eventually turns abusive, and she is reminded of her parents and her traumatic childhood.

blake lively, justin baldoni, it ends with us
Sony Pictures

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After that, her first love, Atlas Corrigan, returns to the scene, and she must learn to rely on her own strength in order to make an "impossible" choice.

Previously, the movie released a short clip, which showed the sign for Lily Bloom's flower shop light up, with the caption stating that the grand opening (ie: the full trailer) was going to be on May 16.

Lively plays the lead character, and once photos from the filming appeared online, fans aired their concerns that the outfits didn't convey the "disheveled" nature that Lily is known for.

The book's author Colleen Hoover defended the film's outfits, stating that: "I don't remember describing outfits at all. I don't care what they have on.

"In my head, it's about the conversation they're having and the story. It's the same way in the movie. You've seen a couple of outfits that are completely out of context. I'm not worried about it."

Last month, it was confirmed that It Ends With Us had been pushed back to an August 9 release date, having initially had its 2023 release date moved to earlier this year due to last year's Hollywood strikes. There, it was slated to be released in February, before being pushed to June and now August.

It Ends With Us will be released on August 9.

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