Engineer Surprises Girlfriend with Custom Stanley Handle That Holds Her Chapstick — and TikTok Is Obsessed

The sweet customization was something that on-the-go tumbler lovers never knew they needed

<p>carmelaandthebeast/TikTok</p> Tumbler handle with chapstick slot


Tumbler handle with chapstick slot
  • Carmela's tiny daily gripe — finding an easily accessible place for her chapstick where it wouldn't fall or roll away — was noticed by her boyfriend, Jordan

  • Jordan, an engineer, made her a handle to replace the one that came with her tumbler, complete with a slot for her chapstick

  • Sharing the sweet gesture on TikTok led the couple to go viral

A sweet present from a boyfriend to his girlfriend has caught TikTok's attention in a big way.

Carmela, who goes by @carmelaandthebeast on TikTok, shared scenes from the sweet process of her boyfriend Jordan, who works as an engineer, making her a custom handle for her tumbler that holds her chapstick.

"It has been an ongoing joke that my chapstick always rolls off my bedside table and into the trash. Also, I would always lose my chapstick at work because my scrub pockets are small," Carmela tells PEOPLE.

"When he noticed that the handle could come off, he started thinking about making a handle that could hold a chapstick. He got right into engineer design mode and that's how my video came about."

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The 3D-printed handle replaces the existing handle on the tumbler, which can be removed. The pair has tried it on Stanley and Simple Modern tumblers.

"We have noticed quite a few people are confused with how it works. I was also surprised that the handle can screw off. This handle we designed replaces your current tumbler handle," she explains.

"You slide your chapstick in from the top, and then it slides right out. It only falls out if your tumbler is upside down, but then your water will also spill," she laughs.

The couple has continued working on the design, with Jordan tweaking it and Carmela testing it out for day-to-day usability.

"We went through three versions and a fourth one in the designing process," she shares. "It took him a few weeks to get the right design he wanted. We wanted to make sure it was sturdy but still comfortable in your hands."

In the meantime, Carmela's video showing Jordan working on the first version went viral, something the pair truly weren't expecting.

"I looked at it, and it had under 10,000 views. We went to watch a movie, and when I looked at my phone afterward, it had almost a million," she shares.

To date, the original video has over 14 million views. Commenters were obsessed with the idea and encouraged the couple to start selling them.

After a few days, views were in the millions, with brands like Microsoft and La Roche Posay commenting about the awesome design.

The couple isn't taking any of it too seriously; they're having fun making faux-informercials for the product online. The pair are enjoying seeing where their invention and TikTok take them next.

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