Eric Andre reacts to “Jeopardy” contestants who don't know who he is: 'They left me hanging'

Zoe Strassfield, Matt Brooks, and Cat Pisacano met an Andre clue with silence on a recent episode.

What is... a slight sting to Eric Andre's ego?

The comedian and actor had a lighthearted response to Jeopardy contestants Zoe Strassfield, Matt Brooks, and Cat Pisacano being unable to identify him in a $2,000 clue on Monday's episode. The prompt, complete with a photo of Andre, read as follows: "On his Adult Swim show, this host destroys his set every episode, but says he is sedated in real life: 'I meditate, jog, I eat salad.'"

It was met with silence from Strassfield and co. during Double Jeopardy, prompting host Ken Jennings to reveal the answer.

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Andre documented the segment across social media and quipped, "Damn they left me hanging."

Despite being stumped by the Andre clue, it was Brooks who emerged victorious by the end of the game with $10,600. Pisacano followed in second place, with Strassfield trailing behind.

Andre hosts The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim, an absurdist late-night show that parodies low budget public access talk shows and features celebrity interviews. The sixth season debuted last summer and included the likes of Lil Nas XNatasha Lyonne, and Jon Hamm.

“I’m trying to just be the most absurd and incompetent talk show host of all time," Andre told AP ahead of season 6's premiere last year. “It’s a break from the kind of fictitious propaganda of traditional press, I think. [Celebrities are] like, ‘Hey, you know, on set, George Clooney played a prank on me,’ or whatever. They have some anecdote from set. People can smell it’s a little inauthentic.”

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Eric Andre

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The comedian recently made headlines when he joined Madonna on stage at her Los Angeles stop of her Celebration tour in March, where he pulled down his pants during her performance of "Vogue" and mooned the audience.

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