Erik ten Hag got his facts wrong during Manchester United's press conference

At the Ineos office in Knightsbridge in February, Sir Jim Ratcliffe spoke of Manchester United requiring a stadium "befitting one of the biggest clubs in the world".

You can imagine what he thinks of journalists filing copy from a stationary minibus at the training complex of one of the biggest clubs in the world.

It is a first-world problem and football journalists generate about as much sympathy as the imprisoned. But image matters to Ratcliffe and this is not an image befitting one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Journalists were requested to park by Carrington riding centre less than an hour before Erik ten Hag's press conference started. A shuttle bus would ferry us down Birch Road to the training complex. The majority walked.

Those of us present on the upper floor of the Jimmy Murphy Centre were then informed we would have to exit the room as soon as the press conference ended. The room is used for interviews and activities with the Manchester United Foundation.

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Manchester City have a dedicated press conference theatre and a working press room at the City Football Academy. United's press room in the main building is seldom used for press activities these days.

So there we were, sat in a minibus parked next to the outdoor pitch children play on during school holidays, without a driver, filing copy by connecting to the WiFi on our phones from the United manager at the United training ground.

This was more National League than Premier League. The car park at United's training complex is so small we often have to park on the grass bank by the Carrington Lagoon. A lifebuoy is hung up. Erik ten Hag will hope the FA Cup is a lifeline.

Ten Hag has entered the endgame and it is ending on a sour note. He was still in denial during his pre-match press conference on Tuesday, describing the reaction to the farcical semi-final success against Coventry as "embarrassing" and "a disgrace".

Ten Hag actually did himself a disservice when he referenced his "four cup finals in four years". There have been five.

In the open section, he declined to specify if United supporters were "embarrassing" and a "disgrace". Reporters and supporters were in general agreement on the manner of their progression to the FA Cup final.

The United followers booed at the final shrill to signal extra-time. As Coventry supporters expressed their appreciation for players and staff after the final whistle, the image of the United end was telling. It was empty.

When Ten Hag was told supporters had accurately described the performance as "embarrassing", he disputed it. “I am not sure if they said this, I haven’t heard it from them. I have also heard other comments from fans who are very happy that they are twice in the FA Cup final in two years.

“We were not happy with [the manner of the semi-final win]. I can see the fans are not happy with it as well, but I think they get fed by opinions. But all over, what I heard is the fans are very happy we are again in the FA Cup final.

"Even for Manchester United, it is not business as usual. They were not so often in the FA Cup final and they were never in the FA Cup final two times in a row.” Apart from in 1957 and 1958, 1976 and 1977, 1994, 1995 and 1996, 2004 and 2005.

Someone should have told him.