Erika Jayne hails the success of her Las Vegas residency

Erika Jayne has loved her Las Vegas residency credit:Bang Showbiz
Erika Jayne has loved her Las Vegas residency credit:Bang Showbiz

Erika Jayne believes her fans have had "the time of their life" during her Las Vegas shows.

The 52-year-old star began her residency at the House of Blues in September, and Erika has been thrilled the response of her fans.

She told Us Weekly: "I love seeing people come to the show dressed up as Erika Jayne.

"We’ve had people fly in from Australia, London, Scotland, Canada and France to see the show."

Erika has a pre-show ritual that includes a "full cast 30-minute warm-up and stretch".

And the reality star believes that her fans have loved the shows so far.

Erika shared: "Everyone has the time of their life when they come to my show, as they should.

"I had the best meet-and-greet with a fan who told me that the last thing she got from her boyfriend before she broke up with him was the VIP package for Bet It All On Blonde."

Erika was married to Tom Girardi for two decades before they split in 2020, and the reality star previously hailed her residency as representing a "new era" in her life.

Looking forward to her Bet It All on Blonde residency, she told PEOPLE: "My world exploded about three years ago and it was rough. Finally there are better days to talk about."

Erika also revealed that she was relishing the pressure of performing in Sin City.

Speaking about the challenge, Erika said: "I have to perform. I have to deliver. But that's the good kind of pressure. I'd rather have this pressure than the pressure I was living under the last few years any day of the week."