Who is Erin Carter? episode 3 recap: Erin makes police enemies and gang enemies

 Evin Ahmad in Who is Erin Carter? episode 3 on Netflix
Evin Ahmad in Who is Erin Carter? episode 3 on Netflix

The new Netflix thriller Who is Erin Carter? is now well underway, introducing the titular heroine as well as her friends and family members, but also setting up a mysterious cabal of villains threatening them too.

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Now we reach the third episode. After Erin spent the first two episodes alienating the moms at the school in which she works and keeping secrets from her daughter and husband, now some really dangerous enemies are after her.

This Who is Erin Carter? episode 3 recap will run you through what happens in the third of the seven episodes that all landed on Thursday, August 24, so you can understand everything that took place. We'd very much advise checking out the previous episode recaps first, so you have an idea of what is going on.

The body in the woods

A hiker in the woods finds the body that Erin (Evin Ahmad) and Emilio (Pep Ambròs) buried in the first episode, but luckily the latter is one of the police officers assigned to look into it, so he contacts Erin to let her know. Also, it turns out that Augustin did manage to send Erin's photo to one person before Emilio killed him the night prior: his assistant Valeria.

Erin finds this out when she's at the community pool with her daughter Harper (Indica Watson), so she leaves her in the care of rival mom Penelope (Charlotte Vega).

Erin tracks down Valeria, and as she does so she gets a call from Daniel Lang, who invites her and her husband Jordi (Sean Teale) out to dinner later that day. When she finds Valeria, the assistant is about to escape her apartment with a case of money, and Erin assists her in fending off some attackers, but money is lost in the process.

Valeria tells Erin that she'll delete the photo Augustin sent her — as long as Erin compensates her for the lost money. She has one day.

The identity of the buried body is found. It's one Margot Muller, a seasoned criminal. We cut to England, where the woman from the end of the second episode is cleaning a house, while she wears an ankle monitor. Someone calls her and tells her to check the news, where she finds out about the death of Muller. She's shocked and upset, and accidentally hits the owner of the house when she's confronted about checking the news when she should be working.

Harper finds a new mom; Erin a new child

Charlotte Vega in Netflix's Who is Erin Carter?
Charlotte Vega in Netflix's Who is Erin Carter?

Harper is hanging out with Penelope's kid, but when she goes to the toilet, she overhears Penelope arguing on the phone with her husband. Penelope sees her and starts to braid her hair while giving her some motherly advice, something Erin clearly doesn't provide.

Penelope asks about Harper's real dad but Harper has no intel there. The woman tells the girl that it's probably worth asking her mother more about it.

When Emilio is at work, someone attacks him by smashing the window of his car and throwing in a firework. He gets a call telling him to stop investigating the gangs.

At home, Erin is trying to raise the money for Valeria, though she's woefully short. At dinner with Daniel (Douglas Henshaw) asks her to be a private tutor for his naughty child, and even though he offers money upfront, Erin says the school is a better place for him.

At this time Harper is being babysat by Olivia (Susannah Fielding), but when they trip a switch and the lights go out, Harper sees the horned figures from the previous episode and freaks out. Olivia calls Erin and Jordi to return home and tells the couple that Erin should see a specialist. Finally, Erin agrees, though doesn't confirm a time.

Erin is forced to pawn lots of her jewelry, including a special necklace from her mother, to raise the cash she needs. Upon returning home she finds that Jordi has summoned the specialist without telling her, causing the couple to argue.

After, Harper blames Erin for her being messed up now, as she's upset that her mother has no images of her as a baby. Erin asks what she can do to make things okay, and Harper decides that her mother playing at the tennis tournament tomorrow will make everything okay.

Gunfight at the okay motel

The first match of the tournament is against Penelope and her husband, which is tight because the meeting with Valeria is soon. Erin and Jordi perform poorly but after he gives her a pep-talk they do much better. At match point, she intentionally loses though, to the chagrin of both Jordi and Penelope. She leaves, making the excuse that she has a spa appointment, though Jordi sees her having a stressful conversation with Valeria about her tardiness.

We see a flashback on Jordi's part: when he and Erin started dating, Emilio did a background check on Erin, though Jordi opted never to check it. He still has the file Emilio gave him, and when Harper is later doing a family tree project and has little information on her maternal side, Jordi finally checks it. There's basically no information in it. Suspicious!

Erin arrives at the hotel where she's meeting Valeria. She doesn't have the full amount of money but the woman gives her the phone to delete the photo anyway. However, when Erin was late, Valeria summoned Augustin's bosses and they arrive promptly to try to kill both women.

A firefight ensues in which Erin escapes the hotel, however, Valeria is killed in the process. Erin shoots people, sets them on fire and runs away on foot from some cars, finally evading her pursuers by jumping off a bridge. Just before she falls unconscious she sees the same horned figures that Harper has been seeing.

Who is Erin Carter? is available to stream on Netflix now.