Escape to the Country buyers emotionally tell viewers 'life's too short'

Rich, Sue and Steve sat down at a table
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

A couple who appeared on Escape to the Country looking for a countryside property told viewers of their heartfelt reason behind their plans. Northamptonshire couple Sue and Rich appeared on the BBC show looking to buy a house in the Welsh countryside, where they were planning to start a new life.

The pair revealed that they also wanted to start a business following their relocation, allowing other people to stay on the property, reports the Mirror. Their plans came as Sue said her parents had died within the last two years, while Rich "very suddenly" lost his sister "only last month".

He said: "It just highlighted the fact that life’s too short really, not doing what you really feel like you should be doing. So, now is the time we want to make the move and live the rest of our lives."

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The couple were shown multiple stunning homes that met their requirements and budget of £650,000, but the mystery house was the one that moved them to tears. The property, located in the village of Marton, had over six acres, two paddocks, a huge front garden, an orchard and woodland.

The element that drove Sue to tears was the property's walled garden, saying it's something she has "always, always said that I wanted".

Emotional, she said: "I’m getting quite choked up. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s made me cry!" Rich added the property was "a dream come true".

Realising the buyer was getting emotional, presenter Steve Brown decided to come over to make sure things were ok. The couple were left speechless when they found out the house was on the market for £550,00.

However, Steve confessed: "I’ve got to let you know, despite it not being on the market for very long, it’s already had a couple of offers on the property so you really do need to think fast." When the couple next met with Steve, they confessed they had already put an offer in for the property.

As they told him it was too good to let them pass, Steve added: “I was nervous because for every good thing about it, I was thinking, ‘Oh the house is going to be too much work, this is going to be too big a project despite its potential’.” Although Rich admitted they may have to change their plans in terms of switching over to the business and giving up their jobs, they were thrilled and nervous about their decision.

Sadly, at the end of the episode on Tuesday (June 25), viewers learnt that there was someone else who put in a higher offer which was accepted. It is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.