Escape to the Country couple in tears after surprising family reunion on BBC show

Sandra and Dave, after spending two decades in their bustling London neighbourhood, desired a tranquil relocation and appeared in the latest segment of Escape to the Country.

BBC's Alistair Appleton was charged with locating a serene spot for them in Cumbria, where they could be near their youngest daughter. Armed with £550,000, their wish list included a detached abode with an expansive garden nestled within a village setting.

The search exceeded expectations almost immediately as Alistair left Sandra and Dave spellbound. Dave expressed his astonishment at the stunning house near Broughton-in-Furness, "I was not expecting this! Blown away, unbelievable."

Dave was notably struck by the property, remarking on the natural stone with delight, "It took my breath away a little bit, to be honest."

Sandra shared her husband's admiration, particularly impressed upon exploring the interior, "I'm just overwhelmed, I am," reports the Mirror.

Dave was blown away by the first home on their search
Dave was blown away by the first home on their search -Credit:BBC

Completing their visit, Dave, while reflecting alone to the camera, envisioned their festive celebrations, "I can imagine myself, or both of us, sitting here with Mica and my other daughter looking out here on Christmas Day. I just- I don't really, I can't talk! ".

"It's just amazing it really is. It's something that I've dreamed of, something that we've both dreamed of which we never thought we would have. I said I weren't going to cry! It's nice."

But the emotional rollercoaster didn't stop there, as their daughter Mica unexpectedly turned up at the next property, catching her parents off guard.

Despite not being entirely convinced by the second house, they shared photos of the first property with Mica, which left a lasting impression.

Their daughter was also left emotional over the first home
Their daughter was also left emotional over the first home -Credit:BBC

When Mica inquired about their likelihood of purchasing the first home, they admitted they were considering it, prompting an emotional response from their daughter.

She exclaimed: "Are you actually? Oh, you're going to make me cry. I just think it's nice, seven years, we've been waiting far too long." In the closing moments of the episode, they informed Alistair that they planned to revisit the first house.

However, the episode concluded on a bittersweet note as the BBC presenter revealed that the owners of the house had accepted an offer before Sandra and Dave could arrange a second viewing.

Escape to the Country is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.