Escape to the Country presenter says 'this is a first' as she discovers Welsh love

Woman looking shocked
Ginny discovered a new love in Wales -Credit:BBC

One Escape to the Country presenter was blown away when they discovered a new Welsh love while filming the BBC One property show. Ginny Buckley was helping June and Richard, both of whom were born in Wales, return to their birth country.

They were searching for a property in Carmarthenshire, with Ginny showing them options including a bungalow. As part of the show Ginny went hunting for cockles, a traditional Welsh delicacy, and visited a factory where cockles are prepared and pickled. For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.

After visiting Burry Inlet, where the cockles are gathered, Ginny went to the factory to try some. She said: "They are exactly as I remember them! My mum would love the really small ones... this is a real sight of my childhood... my mum could never get me to try them, I've never eaten one!"

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Trying the cockles, Ginny said: "This is a first, this is for you mum... this is the first cockle I have ever eaten. Cockles, who knew? They are really nice! I can't believe it! The vinegar is amazing."

This is not the first time an Escape to the Country presenter has been left shocked on the show as in a separate episode Alistair Appleton was left in disbelief when a couple decided to buy a train master's house at a railway station. Want less ads? Download WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android.

Alistair said: "This is your house?! It's beautiful and so big – much bigger than the ones I showed you. What a great slice of history." He asked the couple if they got woken up by trains going past their windows but they replied that, luckily, they didn't really have trains along the track at night, apart from the odd engineering train. You can read more here.