Escaped Pigs Found Napping at Petrol Station After Big Night Out

Two cheeky pigs escaped from home in the early hours of Tuesday, June 5, and spent several hours adventuring around a Caltex service station in Upper Coomera, Queensland.

The naughty duo strolled into the service station at about 2:30 am, loitering by a Star Mart store, investigating the occasional cars and napping by petrol bowsers.

Exhausted from their big night out, the pigs were filmed dozing in a garden bed when the sun rose. Customers and staff at the Caltex snapped pictures with the pair, who were reportedly very friendly.

Herald Sun reported the pigs’ owner, who lived 800 metres down the road, picked them up in his ute later in the morning. Credit: Heidi and Trent Bunn via Storyful

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