New EU law will force Ryanair and Easyjet to scrap 'confusing' rule

New European Union laws will force Ryanair and easyJet to cut their prices. The European Parliament has approved new rules requiring low-cost airlines like Ryanair and easyJet to include carry-on luggage in ticket prices in a major boost for holidaymakers.

MEPs are pushing for carry-on baggage fees to become a thing of the past as the EU looks to simplify ticket pricing for air travel. The decision, made in October, mandates airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet to offer carry-on bags at no additional cost.

After being passed, the new rules now need approval from the European Council and once obtained, a date will be set for the new regulation to come into force. Giovanni Hashimoto, editor of travel-news site Travel Spill, says: “It’s confusing and inconvenient when different airlines have varying size and weight limits for cabin baggage, and you can’t just have one suitcase that goes for everything.

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"It becomes especially problematic during connecting flights on different airlines and the unexpected extra fees at the boarding gate.” Last year, Spain’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs launched an investigation into multiple low-cost airlines over hand luggage fees.

“Low-cost airlines do business with the price of tickets by hiding the extra for carrying cabin baggage until the end of the purchase,” said Spanish MEP Jordi Cañas. “Europe has already spoken out on the subject, but member states continue to allow airlines to play with prices and deceive travellers.

"This must stop.” Margo Gabriel, a freelance travel writer and columnist for TimeOut Lisboa, said: “I travel often and have experienced first-hand airline companies diming me with exorbitant prices. I appreciate the EU working in the best interests of travelers facing many added travel costs.”

And Hashimoto said: "Addressing hidden costs and being up front about additional charges is crucial for transparent and fair ticket pricing, as customers feel deceived by airlines that hide fees until the end of the booking process, making it difficult to compare prices accurately.”