Eurovision 2024 fans say 'most uncomfortable situation ever' after semi-final act

Eden Golan received boos and cheers as she performed the track 'Hurricaine'
Eden Golan received boos and cheers as she performed the track 'Hurricaine' -Credit:BBC

Eurovision 2024 viewers hit out at Israel's performance during the second semi-final on Thursday night. Many fans are angry that Israel have been allowed to perform despite calls for the country to be banned from participating due to its ongoing war on Gaza.

During last night's dress rehearsal, Eden Golan was booed by parts of the audience as she performed the track 'Hurricaine'. Tonight there were boos still heard in the crowd but cheering was also loud.

Fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to comment. Abel Mayorga González wrote: "Thanks @EBU_HQ for the most uncomfortable situation seen in the #EUROVISION ever."

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Marcelo Carranza Jordán commented: "There was definitely a mood change when #Israel performed tonight at the #Eurovision stage. The organizers did everything in their power to drown out the booing but it was very clear that people were not feeling it."

Rhys Benjamin said: "VERY interesting reaction in the hall. Pro- and anti-Israel contingents basically tried to outshout each other. #eurovision."

gaidouragatho added: "I turned on the TV with very high volume and the boos sounded much louder than the cheering for Israel."

Non-European countries are still allowed to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest if they become a member of the EBU, the organiser behind the event. This means that countries such as Israel, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Australia are allowed to compete.