Eurovision bosses reveal list of banned items for 2024 grand final

The logo of Eurovision 2024
The logo of Eurovision 2024 -Credit:Belga/AFP via Getty Images

Eurovision chiefs have revealed a list of banned items for the grand final - including pets. The set of rules for the event at Malmo Arena in Sweden has made it clear that attendees should leave their furry friends at home, with exceptions made only for service animals required for disabilities.

In addition to pets, the list of prohibited items includes vuvuzelas, skateboards, frisbees, and balloons, as organisers aim to prevent anything that could negatively impact the smooth running of the show. With tensions high due to Israel's participation, security is tight, with over 20,000 pro-Palestine demonstrators having protested nearby recently.

Despite this, Israel's representative Eden Golan remains optimistic, stating: "The European Broadcasting Union is taking all precautions to make this a safe and united place so I think it's safe for everyone."

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Meanwhile, Britain's contender Olly Alexander faces long odds, with bookies placing him at 66-1. The 33 year old singer commented on his chances: "My odds are at 1%. But that's fine it's better than zero."

Olly's Eurovision performance has certainly caused a stir among BBC viewers, sparking a divide on social media,, reports the Daily Star. The Eurovision Song Contest brought its characteristic excitement to the world stage again on Tuesday (May 7), with the first semi-final taking place in Sweden.

Kicking off the event was Cyprus' former contestant Eleni Foureira, who captivated audiences with her sparkling outfit and a group of backup dancers dressed in black. However, it was Olly's turn representing the UK that really set social media abuzz.

Known for his role in the band Years and Years, Olly took to the stage with his track 'Dizzy'. His performance, which marked his debut solo-written single, featured an energetic routine with dancers in a boxing gym shower setting. Olly stood out in a white vest, highlighted by a red codpiece accentuating his groin area.

Despite the energetic display, not everyone was impressed with viewers saying his voice was 'ropey' and 'poor singing'.