Eurovision fans ask 'why' as they complain over major change made to 68th final of 2024 song contest

speak on stage during The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final
Malin Åkerman and Petra Mede. speak on stage during The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final -Credit:Getty Images

Eurovision fans have been left asking 'why' as they didn't appear to agree with a change made during the grand final of the song contest. The 68th edition of the world's biggest music competition was taking place on Saturday night(May 11).

Following Loreen’s victory in Liverpool in 2023 with the song Tattoo, the 68th edition of the Contest took place in Sweden. It is the seventh time Sweden has hosted the world's biggest music event and this year is being hosted by a Hollywood star and an iconic Eurovision veteran, Malin Åkerman and Petra Mede.

But it was Victoria, the Crown Princess of Sweden who opened the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 live from Malmo Arena as she said: "Good evening. It’s my great honour to welcome you all to Sweden. I hope you will enjoy the show and I wish all the contestants the best of luck."

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It was soon revealed that a number of changes have been made to when we can vote this year. But no - sadly, you still can't vote for your own country.

Usually, voting opens for 40 minutes after the last act of the night has been performed. However this year, viewers can vote for their favourite songs sooner.

However, voting in the latest Grand Final opened just before the first song was performed. They are then remaining open throughout the night's performances and for up to 40 minutes after the final song is performed. You cannot vote for the country you are voting from.

But, for the second year running, fans in countries which are not participating in Eurovision can choose their favourite song from final in what is called a 'rest of the world' vote.

Following announcement of the changes to when viewers can vote, fans flocked to social media to comment. @lordbonkers asked: "Why would you let people vote before they've heard the songs? #Eurovision2024." @amyx1990 said: "Since when did they change the rules that we can vote before all the acts have performed? Surely that gives the acts at the start more of an advantage than the ones at the end? #Eurovision2024."

@HeatherMckirdy complained: "Opening the vote before everyone has performed is so unfair to the country’s towards the end of the running order. What a stupid decision! #Eurovision2024." @EdenDoesATweet echoed: "It feels quite unfair on acts towards the end to have the vote open now before anyone has sung. What has prompted this change? #Eurovision2024."

@me_and_flora shared: "Really not liking this change where you can vote for songs before they have been sung, but let’s just see how the night goes. #Eurovision2024@KentCoastGhosts posted: "WHAT?! WE CAN VOTE BEFORE IT'S EVEN STARTED?! Absolute outrage #Eurovision2024." @JCS_H94 added: "Why are they letting people vote before all the songs? They're really losing sight of the concept of a 'song contest' here #Eurovision2024."