Eurovision fans complain within minutes as Graham Norton addresses issue

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final on Saturday did not get off to the best start

Eurovision 2024 spectators lodged complaints within minutes as BBC's Graham Norton addressed a pressing issue. Fans were unable to hear the star as the live show began on Saturday night.

Ultimate professional Norton addressed his audio issues on air in response to heated viewers taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to complaint. As the opening segment rolled onto screens, it was hard to hear Norton meaning frustrated fans could not hear his commentary.

They flocked to X pleading with the broadcasting channel to rectify the situation so they could listen to the popular host. One viewer wrote: "OK BBC can we sort the sound out, I wanna hear Graham!"

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Another fan wrote: "Sort ya sound out, Graham" while another added: "Dodgy sound there". "Great start, the sound isn't working," ranted another.

Graham acknowledged the issue and got on with the live show. He told the crowd: "I think there might have been some problems with my microphone at the beginning."

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