Eurovision fans 'heard' same thing as act 'tipped to do very well'

Singer on stage
It's the Eurovision final -Credit:Getty

Eurovision Song Contest fans claimed they all 'heard' the same thing as Israel's act took to the stage. Before 20-year-old Eden Golan from Tel Aviv performed her song entry Hurricane on tonight's final (Saturday, May 11), UK host Graham Norton explained: "You may have seen on the news, there has been several pro Palestinian protests in Malmo, around the competition this week.

"People angry at the European Broadcasting Union's decision to include Israel in the competition this year." But he added: "Interestingly though, Israel are in tonight's final because of the viewer vote that got them through from the semi final."

Pro-Palestinian protesters were apparently shouting at fans outside Malmo Arena in Sweden as they headed into the Eurovision Song Contest. PA reported that the demonstrators were on both sides of entrants queuing on Saturday shouting “free Palestine” and “shame”.

Viewers on Twitter / X commented that they could hear 'booing' during Israel's performance. Graham said after the performance: "A mixed reaction from the 9,000 people here in Malmo Arena. In some of the open rehearsals, we heard more booing.

"There was quite a lot of cheering tonight as well. And I should tell you that this song is tipped to do very well tonight."

Twitter/ X user @agnetha1972 commented: "Based purely on song and performance alone #Israel would be a worthy winner. Shame on everyone booing an innocent performer." While @SianJasper shared: "Very loud booing throughout the Israeli song. Completely independent of politics I think the song is strong. Hurricane is an insensitive title for a song from Israel & no, I don’t think they should be performing this year."

And @ravenbloodbaby added: "they so desperately trying to drown out the booing during israel performance."