Eurovision fans to Spot Sonia in bid to win tickets to final

A treasure hunt around Liverpool in search of Eurovision singer Sonia will lead to a pair of tickets to the song contest final.

The Merseyside singer, who represented the UK in the competition in 1993, will be the face of Spot Sonia, a Where’s Wally-style search in which fans will be tasked with following clues to find images of her.

Sonia said: “When I first heard about Spot Sonia I thought it was brilliant and typically Liverpool – we love to have fun in this city and this surreal game certainly ticks that box and has a great Eurovision feel to it.

“But don’t expect me to be able to give anyone any top tips – the locations are being kept top secret, even from me, so I’ve no idea where my face will be popping up. Good luck to everyone taking part.”

The game will take place on Friday May 12 from 11am and participants will have to take selfies once they have found an image, before getting clues to the next location.

Once they have completed four clues, tagging Visit Liverpool and #spotsonia in their selfies on social media, participants will be given a final secret location.

The first 10 people to arrive at the location will take part in a task and a pair of the coveted final tickets will be awarded to the winner.

Director of Culture Liverpool Claire McColgan said: “In 2008 when I was involved in European Capital of Culture, all anyone wanted to talk to me about was Paul McCartney, and this time all roads lead to Sonia.

“I love how there is always one idea or project that people really embrace and it feel like this is definitely one of them during our Eurovision journey.

“Spot Sonia was one of the very early concepts we developed as part of our bid and it has really captured imaginations. The judges loved it, and it’s safe to say it was one of the many things that helped us stand out from other bidding cities.

“I don’t think anyone will look back on Eurovision 2023 and think that Liverpool didn’t throw everything at it.

“With everything we’ve programmed as a host city, we’re really running the whole gamut of emotions – from really powerful impactful art installations and inclusive and diverse programmes involving people of all ages, right through to wacky and quirky projects like Spot Sonia, we’ve got it covered.

“With final tickets up for grabs it’s going to be massively popular. I just hope that wherever that final location is, they are prepared to greet hordes of very excitable fans.”