Eurovision fans say they'll 'riot' if Finland's 'barmy' entry doesn't win

Windows95man performing No Rules! for Finland at the Grand Final at Malmö Arena
Windows95man performing No Rules! for Finland at the Grand Final at Malmö Arena -Credit:Alma-Bengtsson

He may be "widely appreciated" in Finland, according to his official biography, but Eurovision Song Contest fans are absolutely loving Windows95man and his "barmy" performance at the 2024 event.

With a giant denim egg that opens up like something out of Alien, Windows95man - who is actually Teemu Keisteri - was dressed in tiny denim shorts despite appearing to have nothing on below (he wore skin-coloured pants), sandals and socks and he clutched hand-held fireworks (please don't do this at home).

His DJ sets, consisting of ‘90s Eurodance and techno hits, have been combined with such intense live performances that audiences have regularly been left breathless (so says his Euro bio). No Rules! combines Windows95man’s attitude, Henri Piispanen’s unbelievable vocals, and a mythical denim egg, which lead the duo to an unexpected but indisputable victory in Finland.

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Viewers at home were absolutely loving the bonkers performance, that saw the singers get rapturous performance in Malmo.

One wrote on X: "May not have been the best song, but it was by far the best performance Couldn't stop laughing. Well done lads"

Another added: "If Finland doesn't win we riot. Go Finland!" A third said: "#Finland to win. Absolutely barmy but catchy as f*ck."

An IT guy added: "Finland HAVE to win this though. Have to. And not just because I work in IT."

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