Eurovision fans think they've spotted secret Bambie Thug message during final performance

Bambie Thug performs on stage during The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final
Bambie Thug performs on stage during The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final -Credit:Getty Images

Fans think they've spotted a secret message in Bambie Thug's Eurovision final performance. The Irish entry in this year's contest was 10th up to perform their song Doomsday Blue in Malmo's grand final on Saturday, May 11.

The Cork-born 'ouija pop' artist delivered a performance which included screams like something from a horror film, writing 'Crown the witch' enscribed behind them and a dress that featured the trans flag in a powerful nod to the LGBT+ community.

But it was a possible hidden message in the artist's performance that left some viewers trying to uncover the truth. You can follow our live blog on the Eurovision Song Contest here.

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After the performance ended fans took to X, formerly Twitter, suggesting that the artist had written the word 'ceasefire' in Ogham on their face. One said: "Just noticed that Bambie Thug had their “CEASEFIRE” message written in Ogham code back on their face for their Grand Final performance! YES!!!!"

"Bambie Thug has managed to sneak "ceasefire" in ogham (old Irish alphabet) on their face past censors. We have no choice but to stan." A third said: "Bambi Thug has ogham symbols (old Irish alphabet) reading “ceasefire” on their face! If you’re going to vote, vote Ireland."

Ogham is an ancient written language that was used in Ireland and parts of the UK between the 5th and 9th centuries. The Ogham alphabet is the earliest known form of writing in Ireland.

The gesture could be a reference to the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict which has caused controversy at this year's Eurovision. Pro-Palestine protest have been held in Malmo during press events leading up to the final and there were reportedly audible booes during Israel's performance in the semi final this week.

At the end of their performance, Bambie Thug said “love will always triumph hate”. TV presenter Graham Norton, who is providing commentary for BBC coverage, said the singer, who performed with their song Doomsday Blue, is “tipped to do extremely well”.

He said: “Bambie Thug, such a great performer and Ireland have done a very good job of production this year and this is tipped to do extremely well.”

Bambie Thug - Ireland's first entry to successfully qualify for the Eurovision final since 2018 - had themselves faced calls to pull out of the contest with a number of Irish artists and musicians signing a petition calling on them to withdraw. The act also missed their final dress rehearsal on Saturday and said they had raised “multiple complaints” with Eurovision Song Contest organisers about a commentator from the Israeli broadcaster delegation.