Eurovision's Finnish performance draws naked Bart Simpson comparisons

BBC commentator Graham Norton didn't mince his words either, calling it "so stupid".

Finnish visual artist and DJ Teemu Keisteri, also known as Windows95man and representing Finland with the song
DJ Teemu Keisteri, also known as Windows95man, representing Finland at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden. (Jessica Gow/TT/AFP)

This weekend's Eurovision Song Contest grand final was as mystifying as ever, with Finland's wild representative Windows95man apparently taking his cues from Bart Simpson.

Performing 17th in the musical line-up, Windows95man (real name Teemu Keisteri) decked himself in a Windows 95 cap and T-shirt whilst belting out the tune 'No Rules!' on stage, yet his denim shorts took a long time to make an appearance.

As the bespectacled artist ran around in some flesh-coloured underwear, BBC viewers reacting online were quick to point out the hilarious parallels with a gag from The Simpsons Movie.

S-13    Bart Simpson flies through the air in an epic skateboarding trip that was apparently clothing-optional.
Bart Simpson skateboarding naked in The Simpsons Movie. (20th Century Fox)

Building hype for Finland's star, BBC commentator Graham Norton told the audience: "I would normally find a song like this quite resistible, but I have to say when I was in the arena for the semi-final the other night, I really liked the silly, I just really embraced the silly and it was joyful and lovely... and distracting and great.

"You've seen quite a lot of male nudity tonight... well, stand by for some more!" he warned. "I should say though, don't worry, even if there are accidents and things, there's a flesh-coloured patch in place so you won't get an eyeful".

The routine began with Windows95man jumping out of a massive denim-draped egg, and he immediately played on the fact that his outfit produced an illusion of lower-half nudity.

Despite his game hamminess, the cameras made sure to avoid any close-ups of these strange underpants, thus reminding us all of a scene from The Simpsons Movie where Bart skateboards naked through Springfield, yet everything he passes seems to hide his bits.

Windows95man, representing Finland, performs
Windows95man eventually put on a pair of denim shorts. (Reuters/Leonhard Foeger)

As you can see below, Eurovision viewers pounced on Windows95man's bulge-avoiding staging while sharing their thoughts on social media.

At the end of the day though, Finland was there to win the competition and a load of fans even believed they fully deserved to.

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest is now available to stream via BBC iPlayer.