Is Eurovision getting more fun? Here's what Yahoo readers think

The Eurovision Song Contest seems to have inspired a new generation of fans, but is the show better than it ever has been?

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09 May 2024, Sweden, Malmö: Kaleen from Austria with the song
Kaleen from Austria performing the song We Will Rave in the Eurovision 2024 semi-final. (Getty Images)

Now in its 67th year, the Eurovision Song Contest seems to be going from strength to strength. Rather than fading into obscurity, the pop music competition has evolved over the years, and has a growing fanbase becoming increasingly popular with Gen Z viewers.

According to the BBC, the 2023 final "attracted 56% of the total TV audience aged 15 to 24 – a proportion four times higher than average," and the show itself has teamed up with every teenager's favourite app TikTok as its "official entertainment partner".

The event's newfound youth appeal can be pinned on a number of different tweaks the competition has made over the years including how the show is presented on television with shorter songs and snappier segments, as well as a less staid stage presentation.

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But is there a risk that by making the show more lively, it might be leaving some fans behind? That certainly seems to be the case with some Yahoo readers.

Yahoo UK asked its readers 'In the last 10 years, do you think Eurovision has become more fun?" and here are the results:

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The main poll received 3,600 votes and showed the majority of Yahoo readers thought Eurovision had not got more fun over the last decade.

Some 79% of voters said they thought it had not got more fun, with just 15% saying it was more fun now and 6% did not lean either way.

79% of Yahoo readers think Eurovision has not become more fun over the last ten years

Yahoo News UK readers were also asked: How much are you looking forward to watching Eurovision?

This poll received 693 votes with the most common vote being 0/10, indicating most readers were not looking forward to watching the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Malmo on Saturday, 11 May. This may explain why the majority of voters thought the show was less fun than it once was.

The average strength-of-feeling score on all the votes was 1.87/10, meaning the people voting were generally not Eurovision fans.

Most Yahoo readers are not looking forward to Eurovision

Our original poll article can be found here.

A recent YouGov poll showed that 28% of Brits polled will definitely/probably watch Eurovision 2024. This is up from 23% of Brits that were polled in 2019, suggesting that the contest is — in general — improving in popularity, despite the results of our poll.

The same poll saw 46% of Brits saying that they see Eurovision as 'a big event' on the calendar. This is up from 23% in 2019.

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